Objective: To apply LOA to student accts who are leaving temporarily or to apply a withdrawal for students who are leaving the program.

Who: AR

When: When submitted – can be at any time


  1. Students fill out the Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form
  2. This form is submitted to the MBA Center or Master’s and PhD Center
  3. The student’s advisor will follow up with student and then send to AR when the request is ready to be processed.
  4. Use CG80 to process and go to WD/LOA status code – 11 for LOA and 20 for W/D – these are the most common codes – the others can be used in special situations with QST Registrar’s discretion.
  5. Still in CG80, for Duration: put the number of semesters the student will be gone on an LOA. The effective date should be the INITIAL date of request by student. For reasons put 89 for Interviewer and Student.
  6. Press U to update and enter ONCE – check for refund amt to make sure effective date is correct, then enter again to submit.
  7. NOTE**  If a student wants to do an LOA but has already completed an Intensive course for the semester – that course will be dropped and there will be no grade factored into the GPA. Confirm this with student – in most cases, the student will NOT continue with the LOA.