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Becky DiMattia – November 2017

Viewing Planner Reports

  1. In general, Planner Reports are my favorite thing ever in the weeks leading up to Fall and Spring registration. They are my crystal ball to see which sections are going to fill up, (so we can do room swaps, or lower caps), cases where I made a mistake (ie a student has a course in their planner that they should not be able to register for, etc.) I won’t be out during a big registration cycle, but this is still potentially useful in advance of summer registration.
  2. These are reports generated every few days by OUR, and we can retrieve them as follows:
    • Go to the Link
    • Go to Other Resources (top right)
    • Go to UIS Mainframe File Services
    • Click on the button next to where it says ‘SO.USER.QST’ and enter either ‘dtl’ or ‘sum’ in the box, then hit submit
      1. ‘dtl’ – detail report – list of all students who have courses in their planner, which courses, etc. this is useful when we change a course time – we can email the students who have this in their planner and tell them
      2. ‘sum’ – summary report – #s of students who have courses in their planner. Add a formula to subtract ‘# of students who have this in their planner’ from ‘enrollment limit’ and sort. If the # is negative, then you have a problem … more students want this course than you have seats available. Email students and say ‘you might want a Plan B’

Objective: On the Waitlist Request Form, a key piece is the dropdown menu of courses, which allows students to request only courses that are waitlistable and offered in that semester. This is the process for determining which courses are waitlistable, and adding them to the form drop down menu.

Who: AD or AR (usually AD)

When: Prepare the list and the form in the week before each registration date, to ensure that the form is ready to go on each registration day. In the week before grad registration, add just the grad waitlistable courses, then the following week, add in the undergrad courses. Key part: on the morning of registration, add the semester to the semester drop-down menu on the waitlist form, then add the conditional logic that the relevant list of courses only is shown when the user selects that semester. (ie you want the Fall course dropdown menu to appear when the user selects Fall from the semester drop down)

Procedure for getting a list of waitlistable courses:

  1. Open this file – R:\QRO\WAITLISTS\waitlistable courses.xlsx
  2. Download the University Class Schedule for the upcoming semester, and add it in to the ‘semester schedule’ tab, starting at Column E
  3. In the ‘waitlistable’ tab, this should be a list of all courses, but it’s missing any new courses that have been added since last semester. To look for new courses, in the ‘semester schedule’ tab, filter Column D for N/A, and Column B to remove ‘E’ courses. This should reveal the newest courses. Copy these courses in to Column A in the waitlistable tab (copy values, so it doesn’t carry over the formula), find out if they’re waitlistable, and update Column B or C accordingly, then select all and sort by Course.
  • AP Stats score of 4 or 5 = QM221
  • AP credit for MA115 = QM221
  • CAS MA115 + MA116 = QM221
  • CAS MA213 + MA214 = QM221
  • CAS EC203 = QM221 (if taken prior to IUTing or DDPing)