Room Reservation Requests

Becky DiMattia – November 2017
Edited March 2022

Steps for resolving a room conflict

  1. Stay calm, especially if everyone else is freaking out, and they probably are
  2. Remember, when a room conflict is happening right now, the following things DO NOT MATTER:
    1. Who is right/wrong?
    2. Who messed up?
    3. How did this happen? ** These things can all get figured out later. What matters now is finding a solution. Find appropriate spaces for both groups, and whenever possible, make sure that if a group has a room rightfully reserved, they can use it.
  3. Go to the relevant date/time in Skedda and in the Availability tab in 25Live, and as quickly as possible, visualize and wrap your head around the problem. Who is where right now, which group is in which room, are there 50 people upstairs in a corridor trying to get in to a classroom? etc.
    1. See if you can figure out who is supposed to be where … sometimes the solution is as easy as “oh, you have 224 not 324”
    2. Find another available room … this is never easy, so get creative
      1. Look at the 410-424 rooms in Skedda
      2. If it happens to be Core exam week or project week, then Core rooms are open
      3. If it happens to be another course’s midterm week, they might not be holding their regular classes
      4. Look at KCB (in 25Live)
      5. Stay calm.