Meet the Director

A Note From Thomas


My name is Thomas Harwell and I have the privilege of serving as the Director of Student Diversity & Inclusion in the Questrom School of Business. Questrom is an incredibly diverse community of people representing over 100 countries around the world, who represent different races, gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, military service, socioeconomic backgrounds, thoughts, beliefs, involvement, and more; we are a community connected by difference.

As a part of my role, I work with a number of student groups within the undergraduate and graduate students who seek to explore the role that diversity plays in business. I work with offices within Questrom to make sure that our services and resources within Questrom are inclusive, and strive to provide educational forums for members of our community to engage in dialogues about difference.

I look forward to learning more about the members of the vibrant community that is Questrom School of Business. Please do not hesitate to connect, my email is



Thomas Harwell currently serves as the Director of Student Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives in the Questrom School of Business at Boston University. Thomas joined the team, in this newly created role, in January 2017. His role includes the recruitment and support of undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds. Thomas’ passions lie with providing access, equity, and inclusion to high performing persons from underrepresented groups and he’s very excited about this role and it’s work within the Questrom School.

Thomas completed his B.S. in Biology ‘11 and M.S. in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education at Texas A&M University, before completing his MBA Part-time ’16 while serving in several roles at Boston College. After the completion of his MBA, Thomas completed is NCDA Global Career Development Certificate in September 2016.

Previously, Thomas served as an Assistant Director for Career Exploration in the Career Center at Boston College. Thomas’ role consisted of individual career advising and guiding the department’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives for students, staff, and employers.