Amazing Views and Questionable Foods – Week 3 in Singapore

Passing by all the luxury stores on the way to work is no longer as exciting as the first day. After the first week, we started getting used to our jobs. There are more conversations in the office, even though the overall environment is still very quiet compared to 13681781_10154245349331718_1898139599_omost western offices. We were able to meet more colleagues. They were very nice to us and helped us better understand the company structure and working environment. They sometime will bring in food for us as a treat for our hard work. As time goes by, we were able to take on more versatile tasks and see different sides of the business.

We helped organize the data, handle sample loans, help with the events and write press releases, assist with visual merchandising, design promotional materials… Just as what they told us, since it’s a small company, everyone is doing everything. Although the real luxury fashion is not as glamorous as we thought it would be, it’s definitely eye opening and intriguing. Even during our bus rides going back home, we will discuss about our new understandings on luxury fashion and interesting findings about Singapore. Not only did we learn from work, but we also learned a lot from each other.
13695080_10154245349456718_1542909390_nIn addition to work, we also had some good time exploring the city. During the second week, we went to Marina Bay Sands and Garden by the Bay. The view from the top floor of the most famous and luxurious hotel in SG is breathtaking.

We discovered that Singapore has such a foodie culture. Talking about food is always a good way to carry a conversation. We tried a lot of local food such as Yong Tofu, salted egg yolk croissant, Durian and curry fish head. While we were enjoying all kinds of different Asian foods, we find western food, like chips (AKA French fries in American English), are somewhat overpriced.

Now we are entering the last week of this internship, we are both filled up with such bittersweet feelings.



GEO Kwang Sia Interns