Final Goodbyes – The Last Week with Thomas Swan & Co.

Our final week atimage3 Thomas Swan was a brief but intense.

We had to put together the final presentation and report since we were presenting a day earlier than the other teams. Monday through Wednesday consiste
d of condensing all of our research into our presentation slides and deciding what information to include into our formal business report. Thursday was the big day! We were scheduled to present our proposal from 2-4 pm to the senior management team. They were the ones in charge of deciding whether or not the project was to be taken forwards. Thankfully our presentation was a success and the directors were really pleased with the outcome. Harry Swan, the Managing Director of the company, gave us certificates and a farewell present.

We also had a celebratory dinner at night at The Botanist (It could not have been anywhere else!). He informed us that the project was approved which was very exciting since it made us feel like we were part of something bigger. After some cocktails, a nice dinner and lovely desserts we said goodbye since the next morning we were presenting to the GEO team and the FSB interns.

On Friday we presented a briefer version of the presentation and talked about our experience during these last three weeks. We also got the chance to watch the other teams’ presentations and have lunch with the whole GEO group, Harry and Simon. It was a bittersweet day because even though we are happy that our project was successful we will miss going to the office every morning and being greeted by friendly faces.

Tonight we are planning on having a goodbye meal in China Town, for much anticipated Dim Sum. Isabella and Andrea leave tomorrow, Michelle on Sunday and Tony will remain in Newcastle for another three weeks. We would like to thank Harry for being a great boss, the Thomas Swan team for being so welcoming and the GEO team for this great opportunity! We will miss all of you.

Thomas Swan Interns