Below are Boston University’s summer programs that offer both courses and internships in the field of management. 

On programs that do not offer management courses, you may complete HumanitiesSocial Science, Non-Management, and/or Elective courses. If you do choose to take management courses, note that only two management courses taken abroad may be applied to your concentration.

Program NameRequirementsBusiness
Liberal Arts
Mgmt Courses Available
Dublin Summer InternshipxxFE 445 [Core]
London Summer Internship,
Advertising Marketing
London Summer Internship,
EC 101
London Summer Internship,
EC 101 & EC 102
xxIM 345
L.A. Summer InternshipxCOM only
L.A. Internship Onlyx
Madrid Summer Internship5 sem. Spanishxx
Paris Summer InternshipFrench suggestedxx
Sydney Summer InternshipxxMK 467 [Core]
D.C. Summer InternshipxxQM 221 [SM 131 & FE 101]