Transfer students are required to fulfill all degree and residency requirements of the Questrom School of Business.

The sequential nature of the Questrom School of Business curriculum means that most transfer students will need to enroll in a minimum of five full-time semesters in order to earn the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree.

This is due to the prerequisite nature of the business core curriculum.

Required Courses

Credit Minimum: 133 academic credits are required for graduation. Some transfer students may need additional elective credits to reach the minimum number of credits to graduate with the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Find more information on minimum credits here.

CAS EC101 & EC102 (Micro- and Macroeconomics)
CAS WR120*
CAS MA121 (Calculus)
QST SM131 & QST SM132 (2cr.)
QST AC221 & QST AC222 (Financial & Managerial Accounting)
QST QM221 & QST BA222/QM222 (Business Statistics I & II)
QST SM275 (Management Communications)
QST MO221 (Dynamics of Leading Organizations)
QST IS223 (Information Systems)
QST LA 245 (Business Law)
Cross Functional Core (16cr.)
QST SI422 (Strategy)
4 upper-level QST electives, generally fulfilled by Concentration Courses (16cr.)
Career Management Seminar: QST ES215 (2cr.) and QST ES310 (1cr.)

*CAS WR 13* and CAS WR16* transfer credit can fulfill QST WR requirement.

For descriptions of these Questrom courses, please click here.

Minimum Grade Requirement:

Students must successfully have earned a minimum grade of “C” in five of the following courses, and no less than “C–” in the sixth course of the Gateway Suite, in order to apply these courses toward their BSBA major and advance into upper-level Questrom courses:

  • MA 121 or MA 123 (4 cr)**
  • SM 131 (4 cr)
  • SM 132 (2 cr)
  • EC 101 (4 cr)**
  • EC 102 (4 cr)**
  • BU Hub First-Year Writing Seminar (4 cr)**

For all other Questrom courses applied toward the major, students must earn a grade of “C–” or higher.

**Equivalent previous coursework successfully transferred can fulfill requirement.

External Transfer Student Fall 2023 HUB Curriculum Tracking

Hub Units

Beginning Fall 2020, entering transfer students will follow a specially tailored HUB curriculum that builds on the coursework they have completed while assuring that they develop the capacities required of all BU graduates.

Transfer students take BU courses that fulfill units in each of the Hub areas below and must earn all 10 HUB units in order to graduate. More information on the HUB requirements for incoming transfer students can be found here.


Multiple HUB units can be fulfilled by AP/IB credit or will be completed by upper level required Questrom courses. In the form below some BU Hub general education unit lines are pre-populated by courses you will need to take as a Questrom student, highlighted HUB units distinguish areas AP/IB and/or Questrom courses will not fulfill.

Writing Placement

If you have taken a writing course (or courses) at your previous institution please send a copy of all writing syllabi to the Registrar’s Office ( so that they can have them evaluated by the Writing Department. You may be eligible for transfer credit that will fulfill your Questrom Writing Requirement, CAS WR 120.

Students who have taken composition classes at other schools or who would like to take an external course for writing credit in the future may apply to get CAS WR transfer credit for their external classes. WR transfer credit will not give students any Hub units. More information can be found here:

Beginning with transfer students entering in Fall 2020, the Writing Program will award the following transfer credit:

  • General elective credit: for external writing classes that are not equivalent to any CAS WR classes
  • CAS WR 01*: for external classes that are equivalent to CAS WR 111
  • CAS WR 02*: for external classes that are equivalent to CAS WR 112
  • CAS WR 13*: for external classes that are equivalent to CAS WR 120
  • CAS WR 16*: for external classes that are equivalent to CAS WR 150, CAS WR 151, or CAS WR 152

If your previous writing courses were not awarded CAS WR 13* or CAS WR 16*, or if you have not taken any Writing courses at your previous institution and if you submitted a TOEFL as part of your application process, you will need to take the Writing Placement Test. To find out more about the Placement Test, including instructions on accessing the test and the placement test availability, visit

** Please note that you will be notified via email by me if you need to take the writing placement test.

If you have any questions or concerns about the placement test, please email You can also read the answers to frequently asked questions here:

Language Placement

If you are interested in continuing a foreign language at Boston University, you will need to take a placement exam to determine your proficiency and appropriate course level. The Questrom School of Business does not have a foreign language requirement. If you are planning to complete a dual degree there may be a language requirement in the partner school.

These are not the only languages we offer! The above languages have online placement exams, but all other languages will have placement exams during the first week of classes in September. In addition to the languages listed above, Boston University also offers: Arabic, American Sign Language, Amharic, Greek (both ancient & modern), Hindi-Urdu, Housa, Isixhosa, Korean, Latin, Persian, Russian, Sawhili, Turkish, Wolof, and Zulu.

Please check with the Modern Languages and Comparative Literature, the Department of Romance Studies, the Department of Classical Studies, or the African Studies Department for placement exam times and locations.
Remember to print your placement results and bring them with you to Orientation.

Transfer Credits

Transfer credit evaluations are coordinated by the Office of the University Registrar for all admitted students who have completed college coursework in the U.S.

For course credit to transfer, the grade earned must be equal to a C or better, and the content and depth of the course must be similar to a course offered at Boston University.

Note that the grade you earned in the course does not transfer; only the credits do (i.e., your previous grades will not contribute to your Boston University GPA).

Please visit the Registrar’s website to learn more about the transfer credit process and courses from your college that may already have transfer equivalency at Boston University. 

Transfer students who have completed college coursework internationally will receive their transfer credit evaluations through Undergraduate International Admissions. You may contact this office at or 617-353-4492.

For business courses taken at your previous institution, you will be able to go through an appeal process to see if these courses can be awarded equivalency credit toward degree requirements. Questrom courses that can be appealed include:

  • AC221 Financial Accounting
  • AC222 Managerial Accounting
  • BA222 Modeling Business Decisions and Market Outcomes with Spreadsheets and Statistical Programming
  • IM345 International Management
  • IS223 Introduction to Information Systems
  • LA245 Introduction to Law
  • MO221 The Dynamics of Leading Organizations
  • QM221 Probabilistic and Statistical Decision Making for Management
  • QM222 Modeling Business Decisions and Market Outcomes
  • SM275 Management Communications.

You must have received a “C” or better for the course you are appealing.

You must have received Questrom elective credit for the course you are appealing. For example, if you took financial accounting at your previous institution, your transfer credit evaluation must show QST AC 2** credit equivalency for that course. This information can be found through your myBU Student Portal, under the Academics sectoin, by clicking the External Credits & Test Scores. If you took a statistics course and received CAS MA 1**, CAS MA 113, 115, or 116 the course can be reviewed for QST QM 221 or 222. Similarly, if you received COM CO 1**, elective credit, for a business communications course the course can be reviewed for QST SM 275.

You may appeal for transfer equivalency only once per course, and you must do so in accordance with the deadlines listed on the form.

If your appeal is granted, you will receive transfer equivalency and will not need to take the respective course.

If your appeal is denied, you will retain the elective credit for your previous course but will need to take the equivalent Questrom course.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Questrom School of Business Undergraduate Development Center (UDC), by either visiting 595 Commonwealth Ave., Suite 102, calling 617-353-2650, or emailing

Previous coursework that will not be awarded credit toward degree requirements includes coursework in classes for which Questrom does not offer equivalent or similar courses, regardless of level (e.g., sports marketing, fashion business courses).

Liberal Arts Credits

Most liberal arts courses are awarded transfer credit if they have been completed at regionally accredited institutions. Your preliminary credit evaluation lists courses that have been evaluated as direct equivalents of liberal arts courses that are required for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree.

The Questrom School of Business may also award credit for strong scores in the College Board APInternational BaccalaureateA-Level, and/or German Abitur Exams. Acceptable exams are limited to the liberal arts.

Other Credits

Credit is not granted for internships, physical education, dance, musical group/class, or ROTC courses, or for activities such as orientation, choir, band, or student service.