Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Questions

All new transfer students can register starting at 9 am ET on June 13.

On MyBU Student and look for Fall 2024 Enrollment.

In advance of the registration, you can plan your schedule on MyBU Student’s Schedule Builder or Shopping Cart.

Once you are eligible to register on June 13, an “enroll” button will appear that allows you to enroll in your classes.

You can see more details on the Registration section of this site.

You’re required to take QST SM131, QST SM132, and QST ES215 in your first semester.

The rest of your classes will be determined by your transfer credits.

See the Registration section for more details.

Your tuition covers 18 credit hours every semester.

If you go over 18 credit hours in a given semester, you will be charged additional tuition unless you meet specific requirements.

If it is one of your three required Questrom classes (QST SM131, QST SM132, and QST ES215), please fill out the Questrom Waitlist Request form.

This form only works for Questrom classes and remember that you have to be in the cohorted SM131/132 sections.

For non-Questrom classes, try to find a different option that works with your schedule or with your needed HUB requirements.

During the first two weeks of the semester, you will be able to ask professors to overenroll their classes and add you into the class via the Add/Drop form, but this form does not work over the summer.

You can use your preferred mapping site to see the location of your classes.

MyBU Student will have a location field for any of your classes.

BU is a long campus that can take you 15-20 minutes to walk from one end to the other, so be sure you plot it out!

Advising Questions

Right now, Deanna is your main Questrom contact for your transfer to BU/Questrom.

In late June, Deanna will email you with more information on your assigned academic advisor and how to book an appointment with them.

The UDC has an open advising model, which means after your initial appointment, you can meet with any Questrom academic advisor even if they aren’t your assigned advisor.

In late June, your academic advisor will email you with information on how to book a 60-minute initial meeting with you.

After the initial meeting, there are two ways to meet with an advisor:  (1) via scheduled 30-minute Handshake appointments  and (2) via drop-in advising during the fall and spring semesters.

Drop-in advising is for quick questions, like checking your current semester’s schedule, registration questions, planning for the next semester, and other quick questions that take less than 15 minutes.

Scheduled Handshake appointments are appropriate for long term planning, study abroad planning, concentration choices, and personal or adjustment conversations.

You’ll eventually be able to meet with Deb (they/them) on Handshake.

Deb will be emailing you this summer and throughout the year with more information on how to meet with them and special events.

HUB and General Questions

Every Questrom student majors in business administration and management.

We require that students choose a concentration to focus their studies by junior year.

You can see a list of our 13 concentrations on the UDC’s website.

All transfer students are assigned sophomore standing for their first semester.

After the first semester, you can request to change your standing via this form if you have enough credits.

The BU Registrar’s Office posts semester dates on their website, under Calendars and then Semester Dates.

This will give you an overview of the Add dates, Drop dates, semester holidays, and exam dates.

The HUB is BU’s general education requirements.

HUB requirements can only be earned through courses taken at BU – none of your transfer credits will carry HUB requirements even if the same course at BU has HUB requirements assigned to it.

The exception are any AP/IB scores you may have that can transfer into BU.

Those scores may carry some HUB requirements.

As a transfer student, you must cover 10 HUB requirements during your time at BU.

Questrom will fulfill roughly half of these requirements and you will need to find classes that cover:

  • One unit of Philosophical Inquiry and Life’s Meaning OR Aesthetic Exploration OR Historical Consciousness
  • Scientific Inquiry I or II
  • Social Inquiry I or II (unless taking EC101 or MA121 at BU or with AP credit)
  • Quantitative Reasoning II (unless taking Business Stats II at BU)
  • Critical Thinking (unless taking EC101 or MA121 at BU)

In the Class Search, Schedule Builder, and Shopping Cart, you can use the filters to search for classes by HUB requirements.

Expand the filters and look for the “Course Attribute” field – select HUB Requirements and then in the “Course Attribute Values” field, select the relevant HUB requirement name.