Get ready to register

Step 1:

A. Set up your BU Web Login and email account. If you have not already set up your BU Web Login username and Kerberos password, you must do this first.
DO NOT FORGET your Kerberos password. If you need help with this, click here.
B. Additionally, Boston University requires that you are “compliant” before you can register for classes.  This means that you have:

  • added an Emergency Alert phone number to your student record
  • paid your bill
  • submitted proof of immunization

To check your “Compliance Status,” please log on to the MyBU Student Portal, click on ‘Personal’ then ‘Compliance Status’, and follow the instructions.

Choose your courses

Step 2:

Courses: In their first semester at Boston University, Questrom transfer students will take five or six courses, either 16 or 20 credits.  A student is considered to be enrolled full time in a semester when the student has registered for 12–18 credits. Although you can enroll in up to 20 credits your first semester, the UDC does not recommend this. If you plan to take 6 courses, please discuss your plans with Deanna or your assigned academic advisor.  PLEASE NOTE during your first semester you will enroll in SM131 and SM132 as cohorted experiences.  Additionally you will register for ES 215, Calculus, the CAS writing course, and/or Micro or Macroeconomics if you are not transferring these credits in.

  • QST SM131 and SM132: SM131 Business, Ethics, and the Creation of Value and SM132 Measuring Financial Value are required for all new transfer students and are prerequisites for all other Questrom courses. Please be sure to review important minimum grade requirement information. You must register for the lecture for SM131:  QST SM131 A1. You then should register for one of the following paired SM131 discussion/SM132 sections:
    • SM131 E2 & SM132 B5
    • SM131 E5 & SM132 C4
    • SM131 E4 & SM132 D5
    • If your preferred section pairing is full, please choose another section that works. If no other pairing works, fill out a Waitlist Request Form. If you have an athletic/medical/religious/work reason why you cannot be in any paired section, contact Deanna immediately.
  • QST ES215: Executive Skills Seminar.  This is the first of two executive skills seminars you will take as a Questrom students.  It is a 2-credit course you must take during your first semester in Questrom.
  • CAS MA 121 or CAS MA 123: if you do not have calculus credit you must take either CAS MA 121 or CAS MA 123 as calculus is a prerequisite for many of the Questrom courses.  We recommend Questrom students take CAS MA121, which is calculus for non-math majors. If you intend to continue on with upper level math for a potential minor, then you will want to take CAS MA123. Please also follow up with your assigned academic advisor immediately if you have not yet taken or your calculus credit does not transfer in.
  • CAS writing course (if necessary)All students are required to take the writing seminar WR120. If you have previous composition coursework please send your syllabi to the Registrar’s Office to as soon as possible as you may place out of the Writing course requirements, allowing you to take an additional elective. If you received transfer credit for WR13* or WR16*, this fulfills the CAS WR120 requirement for Questrom.
  • 1-3 additional courses: This will vary based on your transfer credits.  For example, you may take microeconomics (CAS EC101), macroeconomics (CAS EC102), or courses to fulfill Hub requirements, depending on your transfer credit.  You should focus on the highlighted Hub units and you can search for HUB courses by using BU’s Course Search Tool and opening the “additional options” to select HUB units to search by. You will NOT receive any HUB units from courses taken at your previous institution. You can only receive HUB units from courses taken at BU or from an AP/IB test.
  • Optional First Year Experience Course: FY101 is an OPTIONAL course that serves as an introduction to BU, Boston, and BU resources. It’s a great way to get to know the school and meet fellow transfer students across the university. Learn more here and, if you are interested in adding the course, search for HUB FY101 and choose a section that fits with your schedule (T1, T2, T3, T4, or T5)

If you took the AP/IB test for calculus, microeconomics, or macroeconomics, ensure that you have meet BU’s score requirements to transfer these courses (ex:  you must have receive a 4 or better on the AP test to transfer in these credits).

Summary of your first semester courses:
QST SM131 (4 cr) & QST SM132 (2 cr) paired courses
QST ES215 (2 cr)
Econ/Calculus/Writing/HUB (4 cr)
Econ/Calculus/Writing/HUB (4 cr)
HUB (4 cr – speak with an advisor if adding a 6th course)

Introduction to your planner

Step 3:

  • Before you arrive at Orientation, you should know which courses you need to take in your first semester. You can arrange your schedule in your Planner, and/or Register for those courses. We will be helping with any questions/comments/concerns at Orientation.Boston University students register online through the MyBU Student Portal. The Planner is an online tool that allows you to arrange a schedule of courses and their times before actually registering. This means that nothing in the Planner is permanent until you actually choose to register for courses, and even after you register, you can still change things around.So, do not feel nervous about playing around with your Planner, or even registering for courses. You cannot do anything bad, or mess anything up, but you can get a jump start on the registration process, and be better prepared when you arrive at Orientation.You will access the Planner through the MyBU Student Portal:
    • Click on the section called “My Academics” (image)
    • Select “Registration Planner” (image)
    • Enter your username and Kerberos password (if you have yet to sign up for these, please click here)
    • Choose “Reg Options” under the Fall 2023 semester (image)
    • Click on “Plan”
    • Click on “Add”

Add courses to your planner

Step 4:

  • You can now begin to search for courses to put into your Planner. A few important points to remember:
    • All courses at Boston University have a College, Department, Course, and Section assigned to them. For example, as a Questrom School of Business transfer student, you are required to take QST SM131, QST SM132, and QST ES 215 .
      • Some courses have a lecture and a discussion component, and you will need to add both to your Planner.
      • Other courses have only one section (“Independent”) so you will only need to add one section to your Planner.
    • When you are searching for courses to add to your Planner, please pay attention to the instructions next to the blue pushpins in the course listings.
      • If it says you need to register for a lecture and discussion, and it also notes that the sections must match, not only do you need to sign up for both a lecture and a discussion component, you need to follow the matching rule.  That means, if you put a lecture into your planner that is section AA or A1, you need to find a discussion that also begins with the letter A_.  Please note that the Questrom School of Business course lecture and discussion letters do not match, but this will not be typical of other courses.
    • When you search for your additional courses, many times not all available sections will be listed on the first page you see.  Be sure that you click “Continue Search From” at the bottom of each page to see all available options until you no longer see the course number you are trying to find.
    • You can click on the course number (highlighted in red) to see a course description and any pre-requisites.
    • Make sure you have enough time to get from one class to the next. Clicking on the “Bld” 3 letter code will tell you the address of each building and then you can use Google Maps to see how much time it will take to get from one building to the next

Finalize your registration

Step 5:

  • Once your Planner is completed:
    • Click on “Reg Options” in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Click on “Register for Class”.
    • Next to Search by: click Planner.
    • Check the boxes next to all the courses in your Planner.
    • Click on add classes to schedule.
    • In the popup that asks if you’re sure you want to add, click “OK”.
    • If you get green check-marks, that means the courses have successfully been added to your schedule. If you get a red “X” that means a course did not get added. Do not worry, please contact your academic advisor and we will help you.
    • Click on “View” highlighted in red.
    • Click on “Graph” to view your schedule to make sure no courses overlap. If you have any time conflicts, you’ll need to change your schedule

    Once you have finished, click in the upper right-hand corner. Your registration will be saved automatically.

    And you’re done.

    If you need to make any changes to your schedule, you can do so throughout the summer and up to the first week of classes.

How-to video

If you’d like to watch a video that talks about what classes you need, how to search for HUB classes, how to see if seats are available, and so on, you can watch a video at this link.

0:00 – Welcome
0:54 – Reminders before Registering
2:17 – Courses Overview – Business Classes
5:50 – Course Overview – Questrom Pre-Reqs
8:48 – Course Overview – HUB classes
9:51 – HUB Units You Need
12:33 – Searching for HUB Units
15:50 – Searching for Classes on MyBU Portal
19:20 – Registration Reminders
20:21 – What to Do If You Have Questions