The FinTech Club


Our club is dedicated to fostering the professional growth of our members through a series of expert-led workshops. We offer sessions in Python programming, catering to the growing demand for technical proficiency in the digital age. Additionally, our workshops on resume building and LinkedIn profile optimization are tailored to empower our members in crafting compelling personal brands and narratives.


Our club offers a comprehensive education program focused on FinTech, designed to immerse members in the cutting-edge world of financial technology. Our curriculum delves deep into key FinTech concepts, including blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, advanced payment systems, and the intricacies of robo-advisors. Beyond theoretical knowledge, we also provide insightful lessons on the FinTech industry’s landscape, keeping our members informed about the latest trends and significant current events. This holistic approach ensures our members are well-versed in both the foundational aspects of FinTech and its dynamic, ever-evolving nature


Our club members gain exclusive access to a wide array of Mass FinTech Hub’s events. These events offer unique insights into the latest FinTech trends and developments. We encourage our members to regularly visit our opportunities page to stay updated on upcoming events and seize these valuable learning and networking opportunities!

Meet The Team

Lexi Marchesano


Questrom ’26

Raymond Greenberg

Vice President

Questrom & CS ’26

Alina Shaikh

Director of Outreach

Questrom ’26

Emily Forman

Director of Education

Data Science ’26

Sloane Paysse

Director of Marketing

Questrom ’26

Cooper Cohen


Questrom ’26

Emily Castro


Questrom ’26