The Social Impact & Nonprofit Club

The Social Impact and Nonprofit (SINC) Club is a student-run organization that enhances the Social Impact Program curriculum, fosters community dialogue around social impact and social justice, and increases awareness of how students can use business fundamentals to create social value. 

To fulfill this objective, the Club:

  • Organizes activities outside of the classroom to further educate MBA students about management issues and opportunities with nonprofits, government, and social-purpose businesses;
  • Increases awareness of the Social Impact program to both internal and external audiences;
  • Expands the Social Impact community through social networking, fundraising, volunteering and career development activities;
  • Collaborates with the Questrom School of Business administration and other student-run organizations to strengthen the Social Impact program; and
  • Sets expectations, oversees, and monitors related programs including flagship programs such as Link Day and BU on Board.