Work Hard, Play Hard- Week 4 Interning at the Bharti Foundation, India

Saturday was the13775599_1287642804580885_7501570343305090450_n last day in the field at the Sarvodya Kanya Vidyalaya school, thus completing our research. The team headed back to the guesthouse physically and emotionally drained after 4 days exposed to the heat. However, we were all thankful for the opportunity to work with the amazing staff and students at both schools. Saturday night saw us socialize with a colleague who took us out in Delhi. He had promised to show us the “real” Delhi Nightlife. A party in the top floor of the tallest building in Delhi certainly did not disappoint.

Sunday saw us continuing our exploration of Delhi. This time, we headed to the Chattarpur temple. Although this temple was not as historic as some of the other sights we have seen, it was no less beautiful. Built in 1998, this temple was designed to give the homeless people of Delhi somewhere to take refuge during extreme weather. The biggest feature of this temple was a giant red statue of a Vishnu (Hindu god) that can be seen in for miles around in all directions (nice pose Andy). Later that Sunday, we headed to cyber hub to have dinner with another work colleague, and then utilized an early turn-in to recover for timage2he upcoming busy work week.

Work this week has us focusing on analyzing our results from our fieldwork, as we try to complete our report. Therefore,making the basis for our recommendations on how the Bharti Foundation can include key stakeholders to help deliver their ultimate goal of delivering universal quality education in India.

This weekend, the team is heading to Rishikesh in the foothills of the Himalayas for an action packed weekend of white-water rafting, yoga, and trekking. (Not thinking about the overnight six-hour bus journeys on Friday and Sunday nights).

Looking forward to the next installment!

Andy and Chris, GEO Bharti Interns