Business Courses Abroad

**Students receive an Individual in the Community HUB unit for all academic internships abroad**

Boston University Study Abroad Programs with Business Courses

Questrom students may go abroad on any Boston University Study Abroad program; however, students looking for business courses abroad have specific options listed below.

Business Internship and Exchange Programs

Business internship and exchange programs allow students to take business courses at a local university through direct enrollment. This means, for example, if they go to Sydney, they will enroll in the University of Sydney, take classes alongside Australians, and enjoy the many business courses available at a major university.

Boston University internship programs have a BU Academic Center with BU faculty to teach coursework. These satellite campuses, being small versions of the Charles River Campus, offer only a few business courses.

Important Notes about Business Courses Abroad

When taking business courses abroad, remember:

  1. Up to two courses may be taken abroad toward any one Questrom concentration.
  2. Only one “A List” course may be taken abroad and applied toward any one concentration.
  3. Accounting concentrators must take their concentration electives within the U.S. (Charles River Campus or Washington, D.C.) because accounting standards vary internationally.