Visiting Pune – Week 4 in India with NISM


To Pune, the team ventured for the weekend to experience a different part of pune visitIndia and observe how it differed to where we have been staying in Vashi. After arriving at the hotel we were staying at, Aurora Towers, we all went straight to the pool for some swimming games and well executed lifeguarding by our resident lifeguard. After the swim, a shower and a change, we went to Pizza hut to fill the cravings of missing the western world and then out to meet some of the other interns on the RBI internship at a local place called the Frozen

Sunday morning whilst a number of us were enjoying one of the few lie-ins we have been afforded, Tim and Mark went to explore Pune. Visiting a cave temple and an old castle which was previously owned by the government of Pune, which was made an experience by a very determined and persistent woman, who kept asking for money.


Monday and Tuesday seemed to merge, with not much happening bar more work on our projects as we start to near the end of our intern before we go on to travel. Along with another interesting session in the trading lab where we were given more practice of experiencing the different aspects of the market and provided information on how different financial products work and how to deal with them.

Wednesday/Thursdaybeing told to do work

Talking to convince was the topic for the next two days, with renowned speaker Pawan Gupta providing a presentation on the different scientific processes that occur when presenting presentations on Wednesday. Though not many people are aware of these subtleties that are occurring. With Thursday providing insights in to how to creatively present, through the use of all participants impromptly being made to give a minute speech on a range of topics, with some great stories being provided… Including a funny insight into how Arnold Schwarzenegger built himself up and didn’t listen to the naysayers. With the ending of the conference being finished with a traditional trip to Tight, where it seems the locals have come to recognise us.


With the week coming to a close and only a week left of the internship, the group started to put one final push into our projects and spent the day trying to get them to a point at which they will be ready for the deadline next Tuesday. Before finishing off with a night in together listening to music and having some fun.

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