My Study Abroad Experience: Jimmy Perez

Where and when did you study abroad/off-campus?

I studied abroad in Madrid during Spring 2018 at la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Also, I did an internship during my stay at a travel agency and was primarily involved in financially planning all the agency’s trips for the fall and early winter.

What are two things you learned from your time abroad/off-campus that you may not have learned otherwise?

The two biggest learning takeaways from my study abroad experience is learning about my ancestry and how to better adapt to a multi-cultural society.

What surprised you most about your time abroad/off-campus?

What most surprised while I was abroad is how better Spanish society is compared to American society in their accessibilities for disabled and elderly people.

What was the hardest part of your experience?

The hardest part of the experience is balancing the internship with school work.

What was the best part of your experience?

The best part of the experience is how far I was away from home, but it felt like that was home.

What are your best tips for those planning to study where you did?

The best tips I can offer are be wise when choosing classes, try as many new things as you can, and travel as much as you can because that type of learning is something you cannot get in a classroom.

Are there any hidden gems that your classmates should check out?

Hidden gems, to eat: el senador, artesanos 1902, casa hortensia, plaza olavide, plaza santa ana, ornella; go out: marieta, perrachica, radio rooftop, josealfredo, macera.