Caroline Gass, Dresden University Studies Program

Dresden, Germany: University Studies, Spring 2011

Reason for Program Selection: I am planning on doing the dual degree program with German and concentrating in international management within SMG. My goal is to work for an international firm, working both in the United States and Germany.

I Learned: There are many opportunities abroad for American students beyond university programs. BU study abroad is an amazing experience, and it taught me that you don’t only have to spend one semester abroad. There are other international student programs, internships, and jobs possible for American students that you could take advantage of after graduation or during the summer.

Moreover, study abroad changed a lot about my outlook on life. The world suddenly feels smaller. I think this is partly because you meet people from all over, which really broadens your horizons, and because you travel so much, seeing and experiencing new cultures.

Hardest Part: The hardest part of my experience was figuring out what classes to take in Germany. The registration system is very confusing and different from BU. My advice is to plan out what you think you might want to take and to also ask for help from your advisor when you get there.

Best Part: The best part was the growth and independence I experienced throughout the semester while traveling, meeting new friends, and exploring a wonderful city. Learning German in Germany was the best educational part of the experience; there is no other way to really improve your language. It’s impossible to pinpoint one “best” part of study abroad, but it has been the best experience of my life thus far.