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Boston University Questrom School of Business, Information Systems Department

Whether our research and teaching is technically-focused or organizationally-oriented, we seek to understand the impact and implications of information systems and technology on business strategy, processes, and operations.

The Information Systems Department is ranked among the top 10 IS departments in the US by The Wall Street Journal.

Research Interests

  • Emergent Network forms of markets and organizations: we are interested in how markets and organizations can be effectively designed given the pervasive availability of new information and communication technologies. This includes the study of new forms of alliances and networks as well as new communities and new processes.
  • Organizational Capability through new technologies: we are focused on understanding how to leverage new technologies such as mobile Internet, new telecommunications technologies, RFID, mote technologies and visualization tools.
  • Investing in IT: we have focused on the economic issues pertaining to investment in IT and how best to leverage value from new IT function.