The Platform Symposium

July 19, 2022

  • Boston University

    Questrom School of Business
    595 Commonwealth Avenue, 4th floor
    Boston, MA 02215

  • Registration, meals and breaks

    Executive Dining Room (4th floor)

  • Symposium sessions

    Room 208 (2nd floor)

  • Conference Dinner

    ** UPDATE ** The Conference Dinner location has changed.

    Please be aware that it will take place at Trustee’s Central Ballroom (9th floor of 1 Silber Way).

2022 Agenda

8:15 AM9:00 AM0:45Breakfast
9:00 AM9:05 AM0:05Welcome
9:05 AM10:35 AM1:30Long Talks#17: Communication Effort and the Cost of Language: Evidence from Stack Overflow
Jacopo BregolinBobby Zhou
#23 The Coin of AI Has Two Sides: Matching Enhancement and Information Revelation Effects of AI on Gig-Economy Platforms
Yi Liu, Xinyi Zhao, Bowen Lou and Xinxin LiTianxin Zou
#79 Designing Quality Certificates: Insights from eBay
Xiang Hui, Ginger Jin and Meng LiuAlex MacKay
10:35 AM11:00 AM0:25Break
11:00 AM11:40 AM0:40Short Talks#11 Vertical Control and Platform Organization under Network ExternalitiesShiva Shekhar, Salvatore Piccolo and Jorge Padilla
#54 Platform Governance in the presence of within-complementor interdependencies: Evidence from the rideshare industry.David Chung, Yue Maggie Zhou and Sendil Ethiraj
#74 To invest or to share? Investigating the coordination of platform functionality investment, first-party content investment, and revenue-sharingZenan Chen and Soumya Sen
#33: “For the public benefit”: who should control our dataSarit Markovich and Yaron Yehezkel
#2: Fending off Critics of Platform Power: Doing Well by Doing Good?Hemant Bhargava, Kitty Wang and Luna Zhang
#52: Steering in One Click: Platform Self-Preferencing in the Amazon Buy BoxDevesh Raval
#34: Platform business design decisions and complementors’ responses: Evidence from Amazon MarketplaceMartín Harracá and Annabelle Gawer
#51: The Effect of an External Shock (Covid-19) on a Crowdsourced “Bug Bounty Platform”Aviram Zrahia, Neil Gandal, Sarit Markovich and Michael Riordan
11:40 AM12:05 PM0:25Break
12:05 PM1:05 PM1:00Long Talks#81: Do Incentives to Review Help the Market? Evidence from a Field Experiment on AirbnbAndrey Fradkin and David HoltzChris Forman
#5: Information Frictions and Heterogeneity in Valuations of Personal DataAvinash Collis, Alex Moehring, Ananya Sen and Alessandro Acquisti
Brad Greenwood
1:05 PM2:05 PM1:00Lunch
2:05 PM3:35 PM1:30Long Talks#64: Towards Efficient Information Sharing in Network MarketsBertin Martens, Geoffrey Parker, Georgios Petropoulos and Marshall Van AlstyneAlex White
#19: The Welfare Consequences of Regulating AmazonGerman GutierrezMichael Kummer
#62: New Business Models and the Need for Regulatory Change: Punctuated Equilibria, New Business Models, New Sources of Power, And New Abuses of PowerEric Clemons, Maximilian Schreieck and Jan TrzaskowskiBertin Martens
3:35 PM3:55 PM0:20Break
3:55 PM4:35 PM0:40Short Talks#31: Capturing Value via Strategic Bottlenecks in Digital Exchange PlatformsCarliss Baldwin
#80: News Feeds and User Engagement: Evidence from the Reddit News TabAlex Moehring
#3: Healthcare across Boundaries: Urban-Rural Differences in the Financial and Healthcare Consequences of Telehealth AdoptionMeizi Zhou, Xuelin Li and Gordon Burtch
#39: Can Platform Competition Drive Ratings Inflation? The Impact of Vertical Spillover EffectsYulia Vorotyntseva, Aleksi Aaltonen, Subodha Kumar and Paul Pavlou
#42: Should Gig Platforms Decentralize Dispute Resolution?Wee Kiat Lee and Yao Cui
#20: Heterogeneous Applications and Platform Competition: Mobile AppsTim Bresnahan, Pai-Ling Yin and Joe Orsini
#14: Permissioned vs Permissionless Blockchain Platforms: Tradeoffs in Trust and PerformanceYannis Bakos and Hanna Halaburda
#15: Entrepreneurial Motivation and Crowdfunding: The Signaling Value of Product Location and Funding GoalLin Hu, Zhenhua Wu and Bin Gu
4:35 PM5:00 PM0:25Break
5:00 PM6:00 PM1:00Long Talks#26: The impact of bifurcation on platform outcomes in a Q&A communityXiaomeng Chen, Chris Forman and Michael KummerKevin Boudreau
#24: Competing for Recommendations: The Strategic Impact of Personalized Product Recommendations in Online MarketplacesBobby Zhou and Tianxin ZouDJ Wu
6:00 PM8:00 PMConference Dinner

2022 Video Presentations

PapersAuthorsVideo Link
Technology Fragmentation, Platform Investment, and Complementary InnovationGrace Gu and Zhuoxin Allen Li
Platform Monetization and Unintended Consequences on Platform Ecosystem: Evidence from a Two-sided Market for BooksKai Zhu, Qiaoni Shi and Shrabastee Banerjee
Safety Review on Airbnb: An Information TaleAron Culotta, Ginger Jin, Yidan Sun and Liad Wagman
The Production and Consumption of Social MediaApostolos Filippas, John Horton and Elliot Lipnowski
When 'the' market loses its relevance: an empirical analysis of demand-side linkages in platform ecosystemsBruno Carballa-Smichowski, Nestor Duch-Brown, Alvaro Gomez-Losada and Bertin Martens
Identification and Impact of Online Deceptive Counterfeit Products: Evidence from AmazonZiyi Cao, Sanjeev Dewan and Jinan Lin
Platform Entry and Innovation: The Role of Adjustment Costs in Shaping Complementor Innovation StrategiesAhmadreza Mostajabi and Aldona Kapačinskaitė
Token Incentives and Platform Competition: A Tale of Two SwapsXiaofeng Liu, Wei Chen and Kevin Zhu
Do Incentivized Reviews Poison the Well? Evidence from a Natural Experiment on Amazon.comJaecheol Park, Arslan Aziz and Gene Moo Lee
Escaping Platform Ecosystem Myopia: The Importance of Second-Order EcosystemsDonato Cutolo, Andrew Hargadon and Martin Kenney
When Uber Eats its own business, and that of its competitors too: Platform diversification and cross-platform cannibalizationHyuck David Chung, Yue Maggie Zhou and Christine Choi
To Be or Not To Be on a Platform: Offline Complementors’ Decision to Join an Entrant PlatformChristine Choi
Do US state breach notification laws decrease firm data breaches?Brad Greenwood and Paul Vaaler
Contract Choice, Moral Hazard, and Performance Evaluation: Evidence from Online Labor MarketsYifei Wang and Peng Huang
Ride-to-Health: The Impact of Ridesharing on Patients’ Emergency Care AccessAyush Sengupta, Shu He, Miao Bai and Xinxin Li
Growing Platforms by Adding Complementors without Consent: Evidence from On-Demand Food Delivery PlatformsRaveesh Mayya and Zhuoxin Li
No Easy Way Out? Platform-Mediated Political Externalities and Platform StrategyOlivier Chatain and Madhulika Kaul
Disintermediation and Its Mitigation in Online Two-sided Platforms: Evidence from AirbnbJinan Lin, Tingting Nian and Natasha Zhang Foutz
Chasing Stars: Firms' Strategic Responses to Online Consumer RatingsMegan Hunter
Employee Entrepreneurs of Platforms: Positioning and PerformanceKe Rong, Zhengyao Kang and Feng Zhu
Holding Platforms LiableKathryn Spier and Xinyu Hua
Targeted Advertising in Social Media Platforms with Heterogeneous ParticipantsClaudio Panico, Carmelo Cennamo and Pietro Morino
Internet Governance Through Site Shutdowns: The Impact of Shutting Down Two Major Commercial Sex Advertising SitesHelen Zeng, Brett Danaher and Michael Smith

2022 MISQ Platform Curation

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