Meet the 2021-2022 E-Board!

We are an executive board of 7 female undergrads under the advisory of Professor Sandra Deacon Carr

Jane Kang
Questrom ’22

Co President

Maansi Desai
CAS ’22

VP of Communications

Dina Yang
Director of Communications
Questrom ’22

VP of Events

Samantha Phillips
Director of Programming
SHA & CAS ’23

VP of Marketing

Kayla Wu
Director of Marketing
Questrom ’23

VP of Conference

Kenzie Morris
Director of Conference
Questrom ’23

VP of Finance

Jets Lopez
Director of Finance
CAS ’23

Rosie Kang
Co-Media Chair
QST ’24

Fernanda Valdez
Co-Media Chair
QST ’25

Amy Chen
Co-Graphic Design Chair
QST ’25

Betty Zhao
Events Intern
QST ’25


Sandra Deacon Carr