“Women Mean Business” Conference

Our “Women Mean Business” conference is our largest and most anticipated professional event of the year. The conference is a one-day event that strives to empower, educate, and connect our undergraduate female community to female executive speakers – who are from across a wide array of competitive industries and unique backgrounds – to engage in live panel discussions and professional networking opportunities.


As with all we do, the purpose of our conference is to


attendees by equipping them with professional + leadership skills and connecting them with valuable opportunities to engage and network with other students and professionals across a broad range of competitive industries


attendees by presenting an open forum of discussion where they can explore and gain valuable insights into careers of interest


attendees with active alumni and business professionals to spark compelling conversations about women in business

Each year, we invite a keynote speaker to kick off our conference, followed by a series of panel discussions, and conclude with a large networking session. Participants will be immersed in a supportive atmosphere that nurtures career exploration and female empowerment.

We strive to make our conference as immersive as possible and we cordially invite over 40 women
in leading companies across a vast array of industries + companies.

From the first annual conference in 2015 that introduced BU herNetwork to the broader BU campus community, herNetwork’s annual conferences have continued to draw audiences from not only the BU campus, but also beyond.

In tradition with our previous years, our conference has united over 30 inspirational, powerful, and successful female professionals who’ve made remarkable strides in their careers to engage in compelling conversations on their career journey, personal experiences, and advice – whether it’s launching, navigating, or succeeding – as women in business.

In connecting our undergraduate members with inspirational female leaders and professionals, we hope they will feel empowered and supported while embarking on their own professional journeys and beyond. 

Our Conference will be held on December 2nd! Follow our Instagram to stay tuned for more info on our annual “Women Mean Business” conference!