Step 5: Register!

Registration for First Years begins June 1st

Once your Planner is completed and you’re comfortable with your courses, email with your planner screenshot to get approval from your academic advisor.  Then, on June 1st you’re ready to register!  Your account will show that you need an advising code, and you will receive an email from on June 1st with your code.

Please note that you must have your schedule reviewed by an academic advisor in order to receive your advising code!  If you don’t get a chance to send your planner screenshot in before June 1st, you should send it in as soon as you can.  After June 1st, an advisor will review your schedule and send your code directly to you.  Please don’t wait! You should expect a few days of turnaround time for approval.

Once you have your code, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Student Link, click “My Academics” in the Navigation bar
  • Select the “Registration Planner” image
  • Click on “Reg Options” for the Fall 2023 semester
  • Enter your unique Advising Code and click “Unlock”
  • Click on “Register for Class”
  • Next to Search by: click Planner “Go” (image)
  • Check the boxes next to all the courses in your Planner
  • Click on “Add Classes to Schedule”
  • In the popup that asks if you’re sure you want to add, click “OK”
  • If you get green check-marks, that means the courses have successfully been added to your schedule. If you get a red “X” or a flag that means one of your courses did not get added. It might mean the class is already full and you’ll need to pick an alternate section/course. See if you can troubleshoot the issue.  If you’re still stuck, don’t worry! We’re here to help!
  • Click on “View” highlighted in red
  • Make sure your course times don’t overlap!  Click on “Graph” to view your schedule. Your registration will be saved automatically.

If your last name begins with A-K (and you’re not taking ES110), you will take 16 credits, and may take no more than 18 credits this semester.  If your last name begins with L-Z (and you are taking ES110), you will take 17 credits, and may take no more than 19 credits this semester.  These credit allowances will swap in the Spring.  You may choose to use these “extra” 2 credits to register for a PDP (optional Physical Education courses) or CAS FY101 (an optional First Year Experience course).

NOTE:  If you take more than 18 credits (without ES110) or 19 credits (with ES110) YOU WILL BE CHARGED ADDITIONAL TUITION. 

Congratulations on registering for your first college semester! Continue to Step 6 for what’s next.