Welcome (almost) to the Fall semester!  I write to follow up on my UG Syllabus Project email of May and to share some materials, which, I hope, will be useful as you prepare to post your syllabi for this Fall. 

The UGPDC and Dean’s Office reviewed the set of UG Required Course Syllabi over the summer with the aims of preparing for the General Education revisions, accommodating University Credit Hours Standards, and considering content, presentation, and Questrom academic standards.  As a result of this effort, we have put together (a) a suggested UG Syllabus Template and (b) a Syllabus Checklist, both of which are attached here.

While each instructor should feel free to design a syllabus that works best for her course, we request that each Questrom UG Syllabus incorporate the features highlighted in the Checklist & Template (e.g., Course Policies, Course Learning Objectives, and Class Prep Questions or Daily Learning Objectives).  We have attached a checklist that highlights key features, in the hope that it will be helpful.  If you have a pedagogical objection to including daily class prep questions or daily learning objectives, feel free to omit those, although we think that these make sense for most courses.  Lastly, we have attached a copy of the SI422 syllabus, which is far from a perfect syllabus, but which provides an example of a syllabus that includes the includes the features on the Template/Checklist.

We hope that these are helpful as you prepare to post your syllabus for the Fall.  We look forward to extending the project during the coming academic year and may reach out to you about your particular course.  If you have any questions or comments, please email me anytime.

Many thanks,

PS – Many thanks to the UG Required Course faculty for working with us on this over the summer.

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