Spring 2018 Grading

Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations as we bring Spring 2018 in for a landing.  As the end of the semester approaches, I would like to remind you of the deadlines and procedures for grading your Questrom classes.

Grading Information:

  • Do not use a grade of “MG” per Questrom policy. Students who never attended class or neglected to drop a course should be given a grade of “F.” This grade can be changed at a later time in appropriate circumstances.
  • Incomplete grades are to make accommodations for students with an unforeseen medical emergency or family crisis. Incomplete grades are not to spare a student from receiving a bad grade, nor to create an uneven playing field by giving certain students more time than their classmates to complete course requirements. All students who receive a grade of “I” should complete an “incomplete grade contract” with the faculty. Incomplete grades must be resolved by the end of the following semester (or within one year for PhD students) or they will changed to an “F.”
  • Grade lists are not to be posted by any means, even if the student’s identity is concealed with a unique identifier. Students can see their final grade on the Student Link as soon as they are submitted.

WebGrade Information:

Grading Deadlines:

All grades must be submitted within 72 hours of the last class deliverable, and under no circumstances should any grades be missing as of 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 15. Many of our graduate students rely on employer reimbursement, which requires grades to be posted in order to process. Additionally, staff in the Program Offices rely on the timely posting of grades in order to audit all student transcripts to certify graduation.  Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.