Eduardo De La Garza Sanchez, Madrid Summer Internship Program

Intern in Marketing at the Factory of Entrepreneurs, Summer 2012

Internship:  I interned at an incubator called the Factory of Entrepreneurs. There I proposed a strategic market positioning, based upon field research focused around entrepreneurs, an incubator benchmark and an aligned vision of the incubator, itself.

I Learned: I learned that being consistent and dedicated are always two factors that emanate positive outcomes in all cultures. I also learned that being authentic to who you are and where you are from will provide a great cultural component to your workspace.

Comparing/Contrasting to Other Work Experiences: I noticed that businesses are bread and grown with day-to-day, consistent hard work, but unlike any other internship I had before, in Madrid I was asked for the highest level of achievement and an open opportunity to approach my own set of tasks.

Hardest Part:  Learning that to be productive, sometimes you must decide which battles you want to fight, even if it means leaving out projects that you’re really passionate about.

Best Part: Being able to intern at such an amazing place, with such an amazing set of people that truly cared about my development both as a professional and as an individual.