Supriya, Sydney Internship

Interned in Marketing at Staples Australia, Spring 2015

Internship: I was a marketing intern at Staples Australia and did all kinds of projects. My favorite one was the time I organized an office wide event called “Friday Night Drinks” in which about 300 employees came to our cafeteria, paid $2 to get in, bought raffle tickets to win a laptop, and all proceeds went to an amazing charity that helped indigenous children get through high school/college. I organized all food and drinks, sold over $3000 worth of raffle tickets, marketed the event through both internal and external means, and more.

I Learned: The first thing I learned would be to make the most of your days. If you’re in a country where you may not ever be in again, take advantage of that: explore the museum you’ve been passing by, venture out to that beach that might be kind of far, and don’t waste precious time! The second would be to try to interact with locals as much as you can. If they speak a language besides English and you aren’t that fluent, you should try to learn. If they go to certain restaurants or activities you’re not used to, bring some friends and try it out.

What Surprised Me: Just how fast it ended. I had a giant bucket list of things I wanted to do in Australia, and I couldn’t get to all of them because I didn’t realize how fast the time went by.

Hardest Part: Balancing schoolwork and traveling and expenses all at once.

Best Part: The best part was definitely all the cool cities and countries I traveled to with my friends. It was so enlightening seeing other cultures and participating in activities that are famous to a certain place.

My Tips: If you can, try to go in Spring because Australia’s seasons are switched with the U.S., so you’ll have the best weather. Another is to visit as many beaches as possible- each one is unique and has its own beauty. Lastly, try not to spend too much time in your dorm/apt because there is so much to see.

Hidden Gems: Some places I recommend are Manly Beach, walking along the Sydney Harbour Bridge, taking a visit to the Shangrila Hotel top floor, and doing the Bondi to Coogee Walk.