Taylor Stein, London Internship Program–Advertising & Marketing

Interned as a Marketing Assistant at a Mahiki-Island-themed bar and nightclub, Spring 2013

I Learned: Academically, I discovered how to connect what I learned in International Marketing (MK467) to real life experiences. I also learned how work culture varies depending on which country you are located and how the local population responds to different media and marketing tactics.

Personally, I learned  how to budget my time and money efficiently, how to navigate a foreign city, how to survive without 3G, the importance of respecting and understanding different local cultures, and how diversity truly enriches your life experiences.

Comparing/Contrasting My Work Experiences: The UK workplace is extremely relaxed. Deadlines, e-mails, and language are all casual and everyone in the office place seems to be on the same page. British people take work seriously, but they seem to work to live as opposed to the American culture in which people seem to live to work.

Hardest Part: The hardest part was initially adapting to the surroundings, getting acquainted with the public transportation and neighborhood.

Best Part: The best part was travelling around Europe: exploring the differences in food, nightlife, language, and social norms. I also enjoyed working with truly talented, fun, and interesting people who not only wanted me to learn from the internship but also to enjoy it.