Singapore: Over and Out

This week, we returned to Singapore after a brief but enjoyable trip to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, we did not have the time to do much sightseeing but we did do a couple of things. One night, Millie decided to go to a local market on Temple Street. This was definitely an experience as all the people tried to sell her everything from fake handbags to phone cases. She had fun bartering with the vendors. Meanwhile, Laura met up with a friend from Boston University. They went to the Peak and explored the night view of this concrete jungle.

We returned on Singapore on Friday night after a week of work. Our plan for Saturday was to return to Sentosa to relax and soak up the sun. Laura and Doris did a bike ride around the isl
and while Millie and Livi lounged around on the beach. This was a great day, but Livi’s nose suffered after six hours of sun!

Saturday evening, Livi and Millie headed to Little India, an area they hadn’t explored yet. They had some delicious Indian food and observed the bustling streets a little different from work. Doris and Laura had a good rest after the long bike ride.

On Sunday, Millie went on a trip to try to learn more about the history of Singapore. She visited Fort Canning, which is where the WWII headquarters for the British army was based in 1940. They suffered heavy defeat until the Japanese surrendered.  In the afternoon, we experienced our first tropical storm. We were trapped inside listening to the loud rumbles of thunder and the bright flashes of lightning.

For our final week, we were back in the regional office and got to spend some time with the regional CFO, Alejandro.  Every day, we spent an hour or so having discussions with him. He shared with us his experience and insights into the world of finance. This was particularly useful as we approach the end of college and decide what to do after graduation.

This weLunch with Alejandroek was particularly interesting as we approached the end of this internship. We learned a lot in a short amount of time as Alejandro freely allowed us to ask questions. Hence we could get a lot out of the sessions.

Also, this week we had another intern joining us from Boston University. Therefore, we decided to do some sightseeing together after work. On Monday night, went to explore the Gardens by the Bay. Just like Sentosa this is a man-made area, all on reclaimed land. It was beautiful. The gardens have several “trees” with flowers and plants surrounding them. We went to see a light show there in celebration of Singapore’s 51st Birthday. The light show began just after the sun set and the trees lit up according to the music that was played. It felt very romantic! We also decided to explore some of the places where ex-pats, or as they say “Angmohs” go after work, we had a lovely dinner in an area where some of the old style buildings still exist.

Overall we have had a fantastic internship experience. We have certainly learnt a lot not only about accounting and finance at work but also about many different cultures. We feel very lucky to have had the opportunity not only to travel to Singapore but also to go to China and HK. We definitely agree that some of the lessons we have learnt here will be crucial to us throughout later life and we are glad we have been exposed to so much, even in this
short space of time.

We are looking forward to the opportunities we will have in the future and will always have fond memories of Singapore.

Over and out.

Laura and Millie, GEO Kwang Sia Interns

Amazing Views and Questionable Foods – Week 3 in Singapore

Passing by all the luxury stores on the way to work is no longer as exciting as the first day. After the first week, we started getting used to our jobs. There are more conversations in the office, even though the overall environment is still very quiet compared to 13681781_10154245349331718_1898139599_omost western offices. We were able to meet more colleagues. They were very nice to us and helped us better understand the company structure and working environment. They sometime will bring in food for us as a treat for our hard work. As time goes by, we were able to take on more versatile tasks and see different sides of the business.

We helped organize the data, handle sample loans, help with the events and write press releases, assist with visual merchandising, design promotional materials… Just as what they told us, since it’s a small company, everyone is doing everything. Although the real luxury fashion is not as glamorous as we thought it would be, it’s definitely eye opening and intriguing. Even during our bus rides going back home, we will discuss about our new understandings on luxury fashion and interesting findings about Singapore. Not only did we learn from work, but we also learned a lot from each other.
13695080_10154245349456718_1542909390_nIn addition to work, we also had some good time exploring the city. During the second week, we went to Marina Bay Sands and Garden by the Bay. The view from the top floor of the most famous and luxurious hotel in SG is breathtaking.

We discovered that Singapore has such a foodie culture. Talking about food is always a good way to carry a conversation. We tried a lot of local food such as Yong Tofu, salted egg yolk croissant, Durian and curry fish head. While we were enjoying all kinds of different Asian foods, we find western food, like chips (AKA French fries in American English), are somewhat overpriced.

Now we are entering the last week of this internship, we are both filled up with such bittersweet feelings.



GEO Kwang Sia Interns