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Eduardo De La Garza Sanchez, Madrid Summer Internship Program

Intern in Marketing at the Factory of Entrepreneurs, Summer 2012

Internship:  I interned at an incubator called the Factory of Entrepreneurs. There I proposed a strategic market positioning, based upon field research focused around entrepreneurs, an incubator benchmark and an aligned vision of the incubator, itself.

I Learned: I learned that being consistent and dedicated are always two factors that emanate positive outcomes in all cultures. I also learned that being authentic to who you are and where you are from will provide a great cultural component to your workspace.

Comparing/Contrasting to Other Work Experiences: I noticed that businesses are bread and grown with day-to-day, consistent hard work, but unlike any other internship I had before, in Madrid I was asked for the highest level of achievement and an open opportunity to approach my own set of tasks.

Hardest Part:  Learning that to be productive, sometimes you must decide which battles you want to fight, even if it means leaving out projects that you’re really passionate about.

Best Part: Being able to intern at such an amazing place, with such an amazing set of people that truly cared about my development both as a professional and as an individual.

Stephanie Pepper, Sydney Internship & LA Internship Programs

Santa Monica Roller Blading

Sydney: Intern in Media and PR at The Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales, Spring 2011

Internship: The Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales is a non-profit governmental organization that puts on the largest set of events in the Southern Hemisphere called the Sydney Royal Competitions.  The largest event they put on is called the Sydney Royal Easter show, which is a two week long event in April that took place after my internship had ended, but my supervisor asked me to come back and participate, which I was thrilled about.  I worked in the press box on the Sydney Olympic Showground with all the different media outlets.  I was able to work one-on-one with radio stations, the local 7 news channel, and the Disney Channel, helping to pitch story ideas they should run.  I was also able to make YouTube videos about the different days of the show and host interviews with the show talent to create press releases.  To this day I remain very good friends with those I worked for, and even the show talent, including the world’s smallest strong man, “Goliath.”

L.A.: Intern in Publicity for NBCUniversal at Bravo and at Shop Talk Los Angeles, Spring 2012

Internship: I assisted the publicist on site with interviews and live tapings as well as at the NBCUniversal Summer Press Junket.  I was also responsible for creating the press book for the series debut of the “Shahs of Sunset.”  In addition, I was an intern at a start up called Shop Talk Los Angeles.  The founder of the company was a BU alum, and it was such an incredible experience learning from her.  I was able to work directly with clients and vendors, creating partnership marketing proposals and recap reports.  I also managed pro-bono client Children’s Miracle Network and their Extra Life initiative which is a 24-hour gameathon.

I Learned: Living in another city, whether nationally or internationally, provides tremendous insight on the different backgrounds and cultures of other people.  Immersing yourself in a totally new place and living the way other people do is eye opening.  Whether you enjoy the experience or not (which I did) at the very least, you learn about different people, you learn about yourself, and you meet people you would never have expected to.

Comparing/Contrasting My Work Experiences: Comparing my two abroad working experiences, given that one was national and one was international, there are a couple differences I have noticed.  In Australia, I was able to contribute to the final outcome of significant projects and events.  I was pitching story ideas and editorial angels as well as writing full press releases with very little oversight. I enjoyed the creative license I was given.  This experience actually was similar to my experience working at the start up company in LA.  My boss always encouraged me to participate in contribute ideas during client meetings.  While I appreciated the autonomy I was given in Australia, as an intern, it is also important to ask for feedback in order to grow.  My business experience in the U.S. may not have had as much autonomy, but the training programs in place provided a great learning opportunity for me.  No matter the differences between home and abroad, the one commonality is myself, and what I chose to make of the experience.  If given more autonomy, I still need to be proactive and ask for feedback.  If given a lot of oversight, I need to feel confident in asking for more responsibility.  Unequivocally, Australian and American approaches to work and the respective cultural mind set behind each, are both positive and negative in their own right.  With that, no matter what it is that I do or where it is that I work, being proactive and maintaining a balance is key.

Hardest Part: Coming home!  I call it “re-culture” shock.

Best Part: All of the adventures we were able to go on.  In Australia we went to surf camp, we played with kangaroos and petted koalas. We were also walking distance from some of the most beautiful beaches and nature you will ever see. 

Celestine Mignott, Sydney Management Internship Program

Sydney Opera House

Intern in Marketing at Top Snap, Spring 2012

Internship: I worked for Top Snap, a property photography franchise which provides realtors, who wish to enhance their visual marketing materials, with quality photos at an affordable price. My responsibilities included researching Australian Territories, planning a conference, organizing an AdWords Chart, updating the franchisee directory, and writing a social media policy.

I Learned: If there are beets on your burger, it’s bound to be scrumptious. Also, there are few things as calming as gazing over a stretch of clear blue waters.

Comparing/Contrasting to Other Work Experiences: In terms of similarities, both corporate America and corporate Australia value the importance of teamwork, although they approach it in different ways. As for differences, corporate America seems to value the idea of working overtime to achieve success whereas corporate Australia seems to value the idea of having a good work, leisure balance.

Hardest Part: The hardest part of the experience was being away from my family and friends. I missed them a lot.

Best Part: I really enjoyed the entire experience, but I’d have to say the best part of study abroad was getting to know the Aussies from Sydney Uni.

Carolina Velasquez, Madrid Management Internship Program

Intern in Marketing Consultation at Grupo Consultores, Spring 2012

Internship: I worked at a marketing consulting company called Grupo Consultores in downtown Madrid researching and creating presentations about the current state and rankings of marketing, advertising, and media companies in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and China.

I Learned: I learned a lot about the history, culture, government, and the economy of Spain that I could have never learned from a textbook or otherwise. Without actually being in that culture and in that country, it’s incredibly hard to grasp what it’s all about. I also learned that although we are worlds apart, people live and experience very much of the same things that we do in our daily lives.

Hardest Part: Finding out that the local Spanish university that I was studying at was actually going to be a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. The university setting is much different in Spain than in the U.S., and it was difficult to adapt to all the bureaucracy, teaching styles, and learning styles.

Best Part: The best part was getting the opportunity to explore a completely new world in which you are free to roam and immerse yourself in the culture as much or as little as your heart desires. Being able to say that you know your way around a country and a city that such little time ago was completely foreign to you is a pretty amazing feeling.