TO: Questrom Faculty
FROM: Susilo Business Center
DATE: November 16, 2017
RE: Fall 2017 Course Packets

To insure that course packets are available for the beginning of the Spring 2018 Semester, please submit all of your material to the Business Center by Monday, November 27th. This deadline is important to allow ample time to process copyright requests, order cases and assemble the packets for the first day of class. If you are using the same packet from a previous semester please email us stating that. Requests received after November 27th may not be available for students at the start of the Fall semester.

If you will be using the same course packet as a prior semester please e-mail Rich Griffin ( or the Susilo Business Center ( directly to let him know. Rich can begin to work on these course packets immediately.

There have been increasing concerns about the quality of the course packets from both faculty and students. Problems do arise in the Business Center, but often the problem occurs because of the poor quality of the original documents. Original materials that have been copied multiply semesters will begin to fade creating course packets that are difficult to read. Please take care to insure that original material is legible and easy to copy. The Business Center will reject any original material that is not of acceptable quality.

The rising cost of the course packets is also a concern. We should not compromise the content of the course packets, however please be sensitive to this issue.

If you have any questions regarding course packets please contact the Business Center at extension 2647.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Richard Griffin