Dear Colleagues,

As part of our ongoing effort to ensure an atmosphere of integrity and fairness here at Questrom, we are introducing a new proctoring system for 2017-18.  Our goal is to make it easy for faculty to arrange proctoring help when giving exams.

You will of course be aware that faculty are expected to proctor their own exams.  Also, Teaching Assistants are expected to proctor for courses for which they have been hired.  However, if a faculty member needs supplementary proctoring help, s/he is welcome to make a request by way of our new online form:

Upon receiving your request, we will reach out to our pool of available proctors and make every effort to fill your request.  The pool includes both current TAs who have expressed interest in proctoring for other courses along with “freelancers” who have signed up to be part of the pool.  Proctors are screened for work eligibility, and no student who has previously been found guilty of academic misconduct will be allowed to proctor.  Proctors are also screened so that students are not proctoring exams in classes they’ve yet to take.  Finally, proctors are compensated out of a centrally administered budget.

We ask that you give us two weeks lead time to fill your proctoring request.  Feel free to contact me (, 3-9106) with any questions.


Norm Blanchard
Director – Course Planning
Boston University Questrom School of Business
Rafik B. Hariri Building
595 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA  02215
(617) 353-2650