Emily Knecht, Auckland Management Internship

RSCN0875Interned for the Auckland Writers Festival in Spring 2014.

Internship: The Auckland Writers Festival is a five-day event held in May that brings the very best local and international writers of fiction and non-fiction, scientists, economists, poets, journalists, and public intellectuals together with audiences to explore ideas and share stories. I helped the organization with their marketing efforts, the development of their new website, and various small projects in preparation for the festival. I also worked on the production team during the five days of the festival.

I learned: I learned the most about myself. My internship helped teach me about what I want to do with my life. The people I met in New Zealand helped teach me about the type of person I aspire to be. And New Zealand itself taught me how take advantage of every opportunity that life presents and to appreciate all the natural beauties of the world.

I was surprised by: I was most surprised by the person I became: the adventurous, independent, always optimistic, spontaneous Emily Knecht.

The Hardest Part: Honestly, the hardest part of my experience was getting on that plane and having to leave New Zealand, a place that became a second home to me.

The Best Part: There are too many amazing parts from my experience abroad. I loved everything about New Zealand: the activities I participated in, the people I was fortunate enough to meet, and the beautiful country I was able to travel.

My Tips: Push yourself as far outside of your comfort zone as possible, and take the time to meet the people of New Zealand.