Hilary Bokoff, Sydney Summer Internship

hilarybokoff-koalaThe decision to study abroad was not easy for me to make. I did not want to miss out on life in Boston for an entire semester, but I really wanted to experience what else was out there in the world. The study abroad opportunities offered over the summer were the perfect solution to my dilemma, and I would highly recommend this option to anyone else in a similar position.

I chose the Sydney Internship Program for several reasons, but mainly because of the internship component. I was really excited and nervous to work in another country, but I was so lucky with my placement that after my first day all my nerves subsided and more excitement took their place.

By working in the office four days a week, I felt fully integrated into the company’s culture and team. I was trusted with work that any other employee would have done, and, in turn, I learned so much and gained invaluable experience. As a senior in SMG, I have participated in my fair share of team projects and have polished the skills necessary to be a good teammate; however, I was able to apply those tactics in the real world and can now rely on that experience in future job settings.

I was most impressed by the laid back nature of the Aussie workplace. “Laid back” is something everyone will say to describe the Aussie work world, but it impressed me so much because everything still got done even with the relaxed nature. There is such a balance between work and play, friend and colleague, and relaxed and focused, which makes for a much more enjoyable career experience.


My internship really was the highlight of my summer abroad, but, of course, being able to travel in a foreign place was just as exciting. Australia is a place I have wanted to go to since age 10, and this gave me the chance to do so. I held a koala bear, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, learned to surf, and fed a baby kangaroo. I had a once-in-a-lifetime summer, and looking back, I would have been crazy not to go.