What does that mean for your business?
And how do we fix it?

For your organization to thrive, you need people who are savvy, smart, and quick on their feet—from day one.

The Jam is a chance to find out what businesses need from business schools and vice versa. You’ll talk to other people in similar positions facing the same challenges and the very graduates you might be hiring. Plus the professors teaching them. It’s not just a chance to commiserate or a place to point fingers- it’s a time to figure out what’s breaking down and how to fix it.

Employing the right people is only part of the challenge.

You’re engaging new generations of employees, fostering an ethical workplace, leveraging digital technology to be successful and innovative. There’s a lot to work through and solving short-term problems often pushes addressing big challenges to the back burner. Take time — one hour, one day — to tackle issues that will affect your organization for years to come.


The Jam doesn’t cost anything and is open to everyone.


Log in from anywhere at anytime over three days—for 10 minutes or 10 hours.


IBM will analyze every word and break them down into actionable next steps.

The Jam is time-boxed, 60 consecutive hours, so that we focus and then move forward with the solutions generated during those three days. Powerful analytics will visualize trends and themes so the conversation stays powerful during the Jam and you can draw on the most relevant, actionable ideas afterwards.


of Chief Academic Officers say their institution is somewhat or very effective at preparing students for the world of work


of business leaders strongly agree that graduates have the knowledge they need

*according to the 2013 Gallup/Lumina Foundation Poll