Why a Global Symposium?

The purpose of coming to Boston is not just to continue the dialogues from all 10 mini-Jam regions, but to create a gathering where we can collaborate and advance projects around our shared challenges and opportunities identified. The majority of our time in Boston will include participant selected working groups around the themes that have emerged from regional jams that you want to take action on. From Questrom’s participation in all of the mini-Jams we see that many of the themes have common challenges across regions as well as distinct regional differences. This is what will make our global conversation and collaboration in Boston uniquely powerful and productive. The end goal of this global collaboration is to identify a variety of shared initiatives that participants can engage in to address key challenges they face after the Jam is over.

Learn more about the innovative approach used to design the Business Education Jam Global Symposium!

Want to learn more about the design of the Global Symposium, and how it fostered a collaborative environment to drive forward meaningful change and action?

In June 2020 EFMD’s Global Focus published an article exploring this very topic! To view the article, please visit the Global Focus Magazine at the link below.