Background: The 2014 Business Education Jam

With leading sponsors including IBM, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Santander Bank, AACSB, EFMD, GMAC, and the Financial Times, the Business Education Jam was a massive, free-flowing convergence of ideas, concepts, and collaborations held in 2014 that started a path to a more powerful model for business education. Over 60 consecutive hours, nearly 6,000 registrants from around the world—researchers, scholars, students, thought leaders, and executives—united in a unique virtual environment. This digital discussion included over 24,000 participant visits who created over 6,000 posts in 10 discussion forums focused on issues impacting business education. Participants from across the globe engaged with 99 VIP guests and each other in far reaching conversation, debating how business schools will change in order to survive. Valuable opinions were constantly flowing and every post helped to build a valuable blueprint for advancing business education.

The result of the Jam was the creation of Reimaging Business Education, which became a roadmap for schools across the world on how to navigate the challenges facing business education.