They’re walking through your door first—
what do you think?

Raise your voice during the Business Education Jam, a 60-hour online brainstorm that will change the way students are educated, so that your pool is filled with candidates who are ready to tackle the job—from day one.

HR professionals understand the importance of finding, attracting, and retaining employees who can adapt quickly and execute swiftly in a position. You can pinpoint valuable qualities. You can see how an employee fits into a company. Your perspective is what’s needed in the Jam.

Log in and out of the conversation as you please. The Jam occurs over 60 consecutive hours to focus the discussion, keep it flowing, and give participants the opportunity to find impactful solutions, according to their own schedule. Join us in revamping the way our students learn, so that they’re gaining the kind of real-world experiences that get their hands dirty and their minds ready to enter the workforce.


The Jam doesn’t cost anything and is open to everyone.


Log in from anywhere at anytime over three days—for 10 minutes or 10 hours.


IBM will analyze every word and break them down into actionable next steps.

Through the Jam, you’ll bring new ideas, concepts, and actions back to your organization that will help keep your workplace happy and dynamic. You’ll collaborate with academics, students, thought leaders, employers, and more to find real solutions to close the gap between the classroom and the real world. Share your perspective on what’s lacking in a business education and what you look for when the job applications roll in. You know best.


of Chief Academic Officers say their institution is somewhat or very effective at preparing students for the world of work


of business leaders strongly agree that graduates have the knowledge they need

*according to the 2013 Gallup/Lumina Foundation Poll