Where’s the disconnect?

Raise your voice with thousands of thinkers across the globe in this unprecedented event, and discover how 60 hours of conversation will ignite years of innovation.

Conversations on business education are happening in silos. Academics are simply talking to academics. To create a future where graduates are truly prepared to become the leaders our economy needs, we must break down the unnecessary barriers between these important discussions. The Jam gives them a virtual headquarters to unite and grow.

You see all sides of the issue and have authority on it. Your expertise will drive participants in this worldwide brainstorm to think outside the box and develop impactful concepts. From fostering ethical leadership to cultivating entrepreneurship, key topics related to the fate of business schools need your unique and respected input. You’ll influence your fellow participants and the future of business education while benefiting immensely from the ideas flowing in the forums. You’ll expand your network of connections, engage in collaborations with other global leaders, and prompt impactful research.


The Jam doesn’t cost anything and is open to everyone.


Log in from anywhere at anytime over three days—for 10 minutes or 10 hours.


IBM will analyze every word and break them down into actionable next steps.

The Jam is time-boxed at 60 consecutive hours so we focus our conversation and then move forward with the solutions generated during those three days. Powerful analytics will visualize trends and themes so the discussion stays relevant during the Jam and you can draw on the most actionable ideas afterwards. How you choose to use them is up to you.


of Chief Academic Officers say their institution is somewhat or very effective at preparing students for the world of work


of business leaders strongly agree that graduates have the knowledge they need

*according to the 2013 Gallup/Lumina Foundation Poll