UK Jam: September 17, 2019

The evolution of business schools in the UK has mirrored those in Europe and the U.S.,  emphasizing the increased role of research, disciplinary depth, and academic rigor. Today, Business schools in the UK have gained in reputation and today some of the world’s leading and most respected business schools call the UK home. But pressing challenges remain for business schools in the UK as internationalization, government/business needs, and the emerging role of digital delivery are each uniquely impacting the role of business education in the UK.

UK Jam: September 17, 2019 will be the tenth event in this series of regionally focused dialogues on business education. Hosted in collaboration with Coventry Business School the event will take place in London.

Management Education in the United Kingdom

The UK Jam will consider key issues, including:

  1. How will digital and technological transformation influence the content and delivery of business school education?
  2. What are the implications for internationalisation of the current wave of populism, nationalism, and Brexit (EU) uncertainty?
  3. What is the character and identity of UK management education? Are there distinctly different approaches, strategies and business models in the UK? Will REF, TEF and KEF lead us towards homogeneity?
  4. How do we more closely align our research and teaching to the needs of business, government and wider society?
  5. How should we assess our impact and value to stakeholders and society? What societal values do we emphasise e.g. CSR, ethical leadership, sustainability etc.? What values do our students endorse?
  6. What is the impact of entrepreneurial and innovation programmes on business and inclusive economic growth in the UK? What is the evidence of success?

Let’s advance Business Education in the UK, together. Stay tuned for more information on Business Education Jam UK: 2019