VIP Portal


All VIP Guests must register for the Jam.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I expected to respond to every post contributed in the forums I am a part of?Absolutely not. The VIP Guest is primarily asked to draw people out by starting their own discussion topics and engaging in those threads.

2. Am I expected to post or reply to threads in the Jam other than my own?No. However, your professional experience will certainly lend itself to the forum topics. Sharing your experiences –and insights –will certainly help engage Jammers and spark ideas.

3. What is my responsibility to ensure “appropriate” content?Jam discussions should be within the stated terms & conditions of the event. These “Jam Rules” are clearly posted on the Jam site. You should read and understand them, along with every participant.

4. What do I do –or who do I contact –if I experience any technical problems with the Jam?Use the “feedback” link found at the bottom of every page.

5. Am I expected to be online for the duration of the Jam?No. VIP Guests are asked to engage in the Jam during pre-determined time slot(s). Additionally, we welcome your participation at anytime throughout the jam.

6. How do you suggest I prepare for the Jam?Review your discussion forum prior to the event and reflect on key questions you would like to see addressed.

7. Should I limit my participation in the Jam to my assigned Discussion Forum only?Not necessarily. Feel free to play an active role in as many areas as you’d like. However, please focus first on your scheduled forum. Then, as your time permits, please do leverage the Jam to its fullest and explore as many Discussion Forums as you wish.