Government Key and Room Policy

The government office is provided to students in priority of reservation by organizations or government, ad-hoc by government members for government related work, and then followed by free study by any students. Group studying and academic team meetings are NOT allowed. We are not responsible for any possessions that are left in the government room storages.

Slate Members

The Questrom Government office (HAR 206) keys are given to one member of each slate. This key can be used by any member of this slate, but the one member it is assigned to will be responsible if the key is lost or damaged.

Appointed Positions and Elected Officers

Appointed Positions and Elected Officers are not permitted individual keys. If a key is needed for gov meeting reasons, please email

Student Organizations other than Questrom Gov

You may reserve rooms for organization/E-Board meetings. Rooms can be reserved here.

Please pick up key from the UDC and return after use. Note, the UDC is closed at 5pm. If you need a key for the evening, you will need to pick up the key prior to the UDC’s closing.