Elevator Fund Internship – First Week – Chuk

My arrival in Tel Aviv was welcomed warmly starting from a conversation with the cab driver to meeting my colleagues from Boston University, who were patiently waiting for me in the hostel at 3AM. The fact that I live in a hostel might give people the impression that it would be uncomfortable, dirty, musty and cheap; I do not shy from admitting I had a similar perception. Yet, quite frankly, my first week has been far from what I had anticipated. During my stay, it has been a cozy place with a stunning back garden, where we have watched the world cup games through a projector; it has this aura of a homely atmosphere. The best part of it, though, is the fact I am meeting and socializing with different individuals every single day. Networking and constantly gaining new friends has made this trip so exhilarating thus far. My perception of hostels has definitely changed.

On my first day at work in Elevator, I was astonished at the number of interns already working for the company. They were crucial to my adaption into the culture, feeling more comfortable, and also learning a few of the hidden tasty spots within Tel Aviv along the way. However, my most vivid memory was when I arrived at work at 10AM. I was relishing my time as a newcomer, and by 10:20AM was handed several projects to follow up on. My first project involved researching the innovation aspects, investment strategies, and potential partnerships between Elevator and multi-billion pound conglomerate, the Hanwha Group. Furthermore, I even had the chance to attend the meeting consisting of representatives from both parties. My next project involved retrieving market research for a Bavarian delegation occurring the next day. However, what really sparked my interest in this internship was being able to meet members of the Bavarian Ministry. From then I realised, I am not observing the real world anymore; I am involved with it now. Also with this opportunity, I am grasping better the importance of networking; anyone you meet could be of great help in the future, you just do not know it yet. With rushing deadlines and intense research—all under a friendly and productive environment—I am just glad to be able to add value to an organisation.

To describe Tel Aviv in a few words, it is simply beautiful, modern, and casual. Its beaches, weather, architecture, and cuisine are refreshing. It reminds me that although I came for an internship, I also came to enjoy my vacation. The delicious taste of a falafel and hummus indicate merely a fragment of what to expect from Tel Aviv. The people are great, work is interesting and food is flavourful; nothing much more I can ask for in my first week. “Shalom” for now, as that is all I can say in Hebrew so far.