Join us at the AAPBS Academic Conference in Beppu, Japan for the Asia-Pacfic Business Education Jam!

The Business Education Jam: Asia-Pacific 2019 is held in collaboration with

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Organizers of the Asia-Pacific Jam are:

Prof. Richard Smith, Deputy Dean, Singapore Management University

Dr. Julie Davies, Subject Oesd Research and Enterprise, Huddersfield Business School

Question facilitators will include:

Prof. Wensheng He, Dean, School of Management, Lanzhou University

Prof. Sinhoon Hum, Deputy Dean, National University of Singapore

Dr. Yupin Patara, Assistant Professor, Sasin School of Management

Prof. Houmin Yan, Dean, College of Business, City University of Hong Kong

Prof. Rebecca ChungHee Kim, Professor, College of International Management, Director, Media Resource Center, APU

Dr. Kenji Yokoyama, President, AAPBS and Vice-President&ED, APU

Asia Pacific Jam Newsfeed

Dr. Rick Smith

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Rick Smith as a facilitator for…

Dr. Julie Davies

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Julie Davies as a facilitator for…

Professor Houmin Yan

We are pleased to welcome Professor Houmin Yan as a facilitator…

The Business Education Jam: Latin America 2019 was held in collaboration with

To view additional information from the Latin America Jam, including a video archive, reflections, and findings, please visit the facebook page below!

With a vibrant mix of culture, history, and economic liberalization, Latin America presents a range of opportunities and challenges for management education. As an emerging region, it has a rather young population with a median age of 28 years and more than 40% of people between 25 and 54 years old, the usual age profile of the target market of graduate programs and executive education. In addition, economic and political change has opened-up the economies of many Latin American countries.

As a result, there has been an impressive growth in the number of institutions providing business education at all levels, both private and public, but especially in the MBA and executive education segments. Today, the estimated number of schools offering business degrees in Latin America is above 2,000, which represents more than 12% of business schools worldwide.

International accreditations did not occur in Latin America until the end of the 20th century. By mid-2018, 37 Latin American business schools had at least one international accreditation: 14 were accredited by EQUIS, 19 by AACSB, 33 by AMBA, and 10 of them were “Triple Crown”.

Currently, the history of management education in Latin America is close to a century old and the number of business schools in the region is considerable. The competitive landscape derived from this expansion has led to the enhancement of the quality of the schools and has contributed to the social and economic development of the region. Besides, globalization and openness in trade have fostered the internationalization of the schools on a range of areas such as the development of international partnerships, attraction of foreign faculty, and access to new knowledge.

The central role that business schools and their members have in defining and leading the future of management education in the region is undeniable. The Latin America Business Education Jam will bring together deans, faculty, students, alumni and schools’ corporate connections from all over the region to share ideas that aid increasing the value of Latin American management education in a series of discussion forums.


Latin America Jam Newsfeed

Europe Jam: Austria – December 13, 2018

The Business Education Jam: Europe 2018 wase held on December 13th in collaboration with WU.

Being the first Jam in Europe, this unique conversation will bring together leading experts and deans to discuss the future of business education globally, and in Europe.

About 20 years after the Bologna-Declaration, where do we stand on our joint path to European Universities? How do we prepare our students to face the ever-changing demands of tomorrows Business World? What role will digitalization and life-long-learning play? How do we react to nationalist policies, how do we uphold the spirit of international collaboration and exchange? What kind of responsibility do we have towards our faculty, our students and society at large? How can we ensure that our values of academic freedom, freedom of speech, of research, of teaching transcends our classrooms and lecture halls? How can we disseminate our knowledge and values into society. And how do we ourselves need to change to meet tomorrows challenges?

These are some of the questions that we would like to discuss with a group of leading HE-experts, Students, Business Representatives – and YOU.

Join the discussion and become part of the global Business Education Jam community!

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger

Rector, WU Vienna

The Jam wase held December 13th, 2018 at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna (Austria)

Southeast Asia: August 28, 2018

The Business Education Jam: Southeast Asia 2018 was held on August 28th in Singapore in collaboration with

On August 28th the Business Education Jam: Southeast Asia 2018  was held at Singapore Management University, attracting industry and academic interest from across the region with a focus on business education in Southeast Asia. This was the fourth in a series of regional dialogues on business education which are free and open to anyone in the world to learn and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing management education. Additional information is available on the Southeast Asia Jam is availible here.


Missed the Southeast Asia Jam? Watch a video of the final panelists!

Get Ready to Jam

The Jam has been recognized as an important contribution to thinking about the future evolution and innovation in management education. The initial report, Reimagining Business Education: A World of Ideas, was utilized globally by business schools to inform how they might advance their own institutions and innovation efforts. Subsequently, in 2016, the book Reimagining Business Education: Insights and Actions from the Business Education Jam explored more deeply the issues and ideas advanced by the Jam.

Since the Jam took place in late 2014, business education has only faced additional challenges – enrollment pressures are forcing program changes, alternative education platforms are gaining in reputation and participants, and skills required by employers are increasingly disconnected from traditional business education.

But these challenges are not one size fits all. To further advance business education we need a comprehensive dialogue that recognizes the critical regional challenges the global economy is facing.

It’s time to spark this next conversation.

A New Platform For Reimagining Business Education

Moving beyond the initial success of the Business Education Jam, a new platform has emerged to heighten the level of business school and industry engagement and close the skills gap. Business Education Jam 2.0 will bring together schools to directly engage with industry and public policy leaders in distinctive regions of the world, advancing new ideas and insights, and subsequently bringing those ideas together in a global symposium.

Regional Forums

This new brainstorm includes a series of impactful forums which are led by partner schools from each major region of the world.

Virtual Dialouge

Virtual engagement through EdX and other platforms allows everyone in the world to contribute, for free.

Global Symposium

The regional findings from these events will then come together at a global symposium to drive forward initiatives to enhance business education across the world.

View the archive of the Africa 2017 Jam held in November

Business Education Jam: Africa 2017 was held in collaboration with

On November 7, 2017 participants joined together at the at the Gordon Institute for Business in Johannesburg, South Africa for a one-day symposium on reimagining business education in Africa. Co-hosted by Howard Thomas, Ahmass Fakahany, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Global Leadership at Boston University Questrom School of Business, and Morris Mthombeni, Executive Director: Faculty & Lecturer, Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), this interactive session added new insights on the challenges and opportunities for management education in Africa. These insights then launched a global brainstorm through the edX platform.

Watch an archive of the symposium here.

Learn More About the Business Education Jam

The first Business Education Jam in 2014 was a transformational event. In partnership with leading organizations, this online brainstorm and sharing of ideas used IBM technology to connect nearly 6,000 researchers, scholars, executives and VIP thought leaders. The result of this Jam was a concise blueprint of the challenges for business education and has since been used by schools from around the world to strategically advance solutions.

Now, the Jam is back with a new format and emphasis—to better connect all regions of the world to foster a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities each region faces.