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Week Two at Atom Bank… Tackling the Risk Assessment

Monday It was the start to another fantastic week at Atom Bank in the leafy suburb of Durham. The first task was to complete the impact assessment. Once we completed the final structure, we had a meeting with Dan in a cosy, colourful booth in the corner of our office. At Atom Bank, cosy and […]

A Week Full of Trips: Week Five at RBI

A bright and early start saw the group wake up at 8am sharp on an overcast and gloomy Sunday morning in anticipation for our field trip to the National Defence Academy (NDA). The NDA campus was the first military education training centre in the world to comprise of all three services of the military – […]

Another Week, Another Round of Restaurants: Week Four at SEWA

Hello, my name is Nathan. I am Boston University student entering my third year of college this fall. This week we did lots of things around town in places we have never been to and visited a couple of old favorites in our never-ending pursuit of the tastiest bit in town! Our week consisted of mostly working […]

Birthdays, Bindis and Field Trips: Week Three at SEWA

My name is Kristin and I just finished my first year at Boston University studying Business Administration and Economics. My fellow interns and I are thoroughly enjoying our internship experience and we cannot believe that it is already halfway through. Being Indian American, I have been amazed by learning more about my heritage. Our third […]

Cultural Immersion in Pune: Week Two at RBI

By the second week, the majority of the group have learned the ropes and acclimatized to both the people of India and their immersive culture. This week felt significantly shorter than our first, mainly because it was filled with an assortment of different activities and lectures. On Saturday we ventured out to the Phoenix Mall, […]

Our Second Week in Mumbai- Week Two at NISM

  Saturday July 1st Today we headed into Mumbai to do some sightseeing. It was super busy and with us being the only Western people there, literally a whole crowd of Indian people wanted selfies with us. We walked around looking at some amazing colonial architecture and saw the Gateway of India which did not […]

Week One at the Bharti Foundation

When we landed we were pleasantly surprised with the organization of Delhi airport. It was super easy to navigate around and we were picked up with no problems at all by the driver from the guesthouse. The roads in Delhi are chaotic to say the least-cows, dogs, people, rickshaws, motorcycles, lorries, funnily enough even cars, were […]

Acclimatising to Our New Home: Week One at RBI

To acclimatise to our new unfamiliar home for the next few weeks, we (the Newcastle students) decided to arrive into Mumbai a couple of days  before our internship commenced. We flew out from Heathrow airport on 23 of June at 21:30, arriving into Mumbai at 11:00 local time after a more tolerable 9-hour flight than expected […]