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Final Goodbyes – The Last Week with Thomas Swan & Co.

Our final week at Thomas Swan was a brief but intense. We had to put together the final presentation and report since we were presenting a day earlier than the other teams. Monday through Wednesday consiste d of condensing all of our research into our presentation slides and deciding what information to include into our […]

Our Final Week with the Reserve Bank of India, Pune

This is it. The end of the internship. The last day in India before we all head off on our own travels. The past 7 weeks have been an incredible journey, and as is the cliché, it feels like only a few days ago that we were all arriving to the RBI campus in Pune […]

Week 2 at Thomas Swan: Achievements and Early Goodbyes

Our second week started after two days of rest and travelling. Some of us went to Edinburgh for fourteen hours and got to know as much of the city as possible. In total we walked more than 20 km! We were exhausted afterwards, but it was a very rewarding cultural experience. Week 2 has been […]

Saying Goodbye is Never Easy- Week Six with SEWA (RUDI)

We were welcomed with open arms into India, IIM-Ahmedabad, SEWA and RUDI and it is with heavy hearts that we have slowly begun to say our goodbyes to this beautiful place. Keeping in mind that this was our final week in India, we all tried to make sure we to do all the things we […]

Week 5 in India with SEWA

Last weekend we ventured to The Blue City of Jodhpur! We booked a sleeper bus once again after not getting the tickets on the train we had booked (India has a odd booking system!) but nevertheless we arrived in Jodhpur after a long restless nights sleep. We arrived early in the morning, checked into our […]

Week 1: Thomas Swan

First arrivals: two lost girls from Colombia. Interestingly, these two Colombians (Andrea and Isabella), both study business at Boston University, yet only met because of this internship. We both arrived early Friday morning and headed to our accommodations right next to the Newcastle University Business School, or as we later learned, “NUBS”. Even though we […]

Week 5 at NISM: Blood, Sweat, Tears and Beers

The weekend was spent mostly in the office/ working on our reports, although we enjoyed breaking up the day on Sunday with another run around Vashi Pond, despite the disappointment at not being able to rent a pedalo… Monday In the morning we had our final session in the trading lab, where we incorporated real time […]

RBI Week 5: Retreats and Reflections

This weekend we took a break from the busy streets of Pune and enjoyed a pleasant trip to Goa. Our adventure began at 9 pm on Friday evening when we embarked on an 11 hour sleeper bus that took us from Pune to Panjim. We didn’t have the best expectations for the journey, yet were […]