Questrom’s Fourth Annual Health & Life Sciences Conference:

Building Partnerships for a Better Healthcare System

Friday, October 14th, 2016 at the Boston University Questrom School of Business

In 2016, it was clear that cost, quality and access issues would continue to drive changes in the healthcare system. Solving these challenges demands a fundamentally different approach, one that is now pushing healthcare organizations to move beyond their traditional roles and into collaborating with other stakeholders in the system. The conference asked “how will the US healthcare system move from operating in silos to working together seamlessly?”

The 2016 conference featured speakers who have successfully created strategic partnerships with other stakeholders to create value and build a stronger, more efficient healthcare system. Partnerships are focused on transforming healthcare delivery, enhancing patient engagement, improving population health, increasing access to pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and reducing cost through new IT innovations. With a broad range of topics covered, this event created a diverse cross-disciplinary environment for discussing the current issues facing our industry.