Questrom’s Eighth Annual Health & Life Sciences Conference

Friday, October 30, 2020

Healthcare 2025: Staying Ahead of the Curve

2020 is a consequential year for the health and life sciences industry. While responsive healthcare companies and systems have responded admirably to the challenge, access and coverage disparity is more apparent now than ever before. As we reimagine healthcare, how will organizations proceed amid the uncertainty? Staying ahead of the healthcare curve means innovation, adaptability, and execution in a time of shifting realities. At the 8th Annual Questrom Health & Life Sciences Conference, panelists and speakers representing a diverse group of stakeholders in the US healthcare system will engage in discussions around topics at the center of this proactive approach to healthcare. Join us to be part of the conversation of how we all will reshape the future of healthcare.

Keynote Speaker
Warner Thomas, President & CEO Ochsner Health System

The Health & Life Sciences Conference is an annual, student-organized event that brings together a diverse audience of more than 250 students and professionals across all sectors of the US healthcare industry for valuable networking and comprehensive programming spanning healthcare delivery and hospitals, to pharmaceuticals and medical devices.