As soon as you go into a classroom in Questrom, you’ll notice something different – the podium computer! Questrom ITS has been working with BU IS&T to replace all building podium computers this summer with new touchscreen monitors running Windows 10.

One benefit of this change is that all classroom podiums will now be the same – no longer will the podiums on the 4th floor be different from those on the 2nd and 3rd. Yay!

Another benefit is the built-in annotation features in Windows 10. This means that we are no longer using Sympodium monitors or Notebook software on any of our classroom podiums. Instead, use the annotation features in Windows 10 to annotate on your desktop, or to annotate directly on Word, Powerpoint, and Excel files. You can even save those annotations to your file and come back to them later!

Do you use Poll Everywhere? One other thing that has changed is the installation of the Poll Everywhere Powerpoint add-in. If you use this, contact Questrom ITS to get it added to the podium in the classroom(s) where you teach and to learn about the new workflow for downloading Powerpoint presentations.

Watch our short video for more.