Questrom recommends that incoming students bring a laptop computer with a minimum of 8GB (16GB preferable, especially on non-upgradable laptops) of memory and 256GB hard drive capacity that is capable of running Windows 8 or higher.

Microsoft Office

Office 2016 Professional Plus for Windows and Office 2016 for Mac are available free of charge from the BU IT Help Center. Information on downloading and installing it can be found here.

Apple users should note that Office for the Mac does not include Access and some Excel plug-ins used in the Questrom curriculum. Therefore, Apple users should plan to install Windows and install the Windows version of Microsoft Office to meet class requirements. More information on doing so can be found here.

Academic Pricing

Many options exist for academic pricing discounts, using your school email address. The BU IT Help Center ( can help you to choose the right software vendor to get the best deals. [In May 2017, the BU IT Help Center posted a page which offers advice on purchasing Lenovo ThinkPads for back-to-school.]


Students should be aware that BU has a repair facility, located at 179 Amory Street, which can support specific brands of computers. More details can be found here.